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What is Flight Data Connect?

Unique, industry leading, flight data analysis service

Flight Data Connect is the Flight Data Analysis (FDA) service brought to you by IATA and Flight Data Services. As well as providing the best in class Flight Data Analysis service, you can optionally connect to the IATA Flight Data eXchange (FDX) program to see how your data compares with an FDX benchmark*.

With Flight Data Connect:

  • Advanced Flight Data Analysis tools make it easy for you to identify safety issues
  • Support is from an office in your time zone
  • You can join the integrated FDX program to support IATA’s advocacy work
  • You can benchmark against the FDX database

The collaboration between IATA and Flight Data Services has a simple vision:

To improve aviation safety by connecting the best analysis tools to more flight data across the world.

* Requires membership of the IATA FDX program.


Data Sharing

Connecting flight data across the globe

Why should I share my data?

If you want to benefit further from your data and make comparisons across operators then join the Flight Data eXchange (FDX) data sharing program and benefit from fully
de-identified charts and statistics that show your own data benchmarked against other operators' de-identified data. This benchmark means you build up a fact-based safety picture to address issues based on real information.

In addition, by joining the IATA FDX program, you help IATA to act on behalf of the industry as a whole. IATA can take action to solve problems at a national or regional level, in a way that a single operator cannot achieve.

Graph showing exaple of FDC data comparisson

Example of comparative benchmarking statistics for 'Airspeed high with flap 20'.


IATA Flight Data
eXchange (FDX)

The airline industry's data sharing program

If you want to benefit further from your flight data, then join the only global data sharing programme which allows operators to benefit from:

  • Identifying safety risks using aggregated de-identified FDA results
  • Compare global benchmarking* statistics to your own airlines
  • Identification of risks at new destinations for your airline
  • Receive IATA reports on specific topics.

* Requires membership of the IATA FDX program.

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FDX for the Operator

FDX allows you to identify flight safety issues by querying a shared, de-identified, database holding a wide range of safety measurements. When using the IATA Flight Data Connect program, you can directly benchmark safety parameters against the rest of the industry.


IATA uses collated FDX data when working with states and authorities to mitigate safety risks and improve flight efficiency. For example, airspace redesigns have been carried out to mitigate mid-air collision risk.

FDX for the Industry

Flight Data Services and IATA encourage all operators to join the FDX program so that, acting together as an industry, we can use the data to develop informed safety improvements and keep pushing the accident rate down.

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